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Autonomous Fertigation Systems

- Let your Plants Feed Themselves -

Optimized Design

Our systems are designed by growers, extraction laboratory managers, and end users. We do not provide you with standardized tools, but completely custom systems to control, monitor, and log your fertigation and extraction processes. How to grow weed inside

Detailed Engineering

Our engineers designed proprietary hardware and software for effective and efficient automation. From custom soil water content sensors to nutrient water pH, our capabilities to control, monitor, and record processes is unrivaled. How to grow cannabis inside

Seamless Integration

Our team of engineers work with our installers and technicians to make sure your company has a fail-safe, fully-troubleshooted, turn-key system from day one. Thanks to remote control and notification alerts, you can manage your grow from your cell phone. cannabis growing

Dagda Nutrient Mixing and Fertigation

  • Infinite Mixing Configurations
  • Up to 6 Nutrients
  • pH Control & EC Measurements
  • Comprehensive Data Logging

With the press of a button, mix nutrients with different strengths and pH for different strains or crops. Our pH control is within 0.05% and our nutrient dosing can be controlled within 2 ml. Our system combines the advantages of "static mixing" (mixing nutrients in a tank) with those of "in-line dynamic" mixing (injecting nutrients on moving flow).

Dagda Watering Zone Control

  • Water up to 10 independent zones
  • Create watering time windows to customize to your schedule
  • Automatic watering can be initiated by soil sensor
  • Comprehensive data logging and alerts to your phone
  • Access the system remotely when you are away

Once the fertigation system has accurately delivered mixed water to one of the grow rooms, the water must be appropriately dispensed to the plants. Camaraderie Technology has developed a modular system that accurately and reliably delivers water to desired zones. The independent watering events for each zone are logged to allow statistical analysis of the correlation between watering and yields. More importantly, the computerized system can be controlled or monitored remotely, triggered on a schedule, or by soil sensor data provided by Camaraderie’s Dagda wireless soil sensor technology.

Dagda Soil Sensors

  • Average of 3 soil readings per sensor
  • Records temperature, electrical conductivity, and water content
  • Dosing via Watering Zone Control system communication
  • Offers remote access to data readings

The capability to deliver accurate nutrients to the plant will not be effective if over or underdosing occurs. Water must be provided as the plants need it. Acquiring soil data is the perfect approach to know when the crops need nutrients. Camaraderie Technology has developed the ideal soil sensor network that works in conjunction with our zone control system to deliver nutrients as the plants demand them. The soil sensor data combined with accurate dosing control also allows for statistical analysis related to plant yields for varying dosing.

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